Stubben Laurus Junior Jump Saddle

Stubben Laurus Junior Jump Saddle

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Laurus is a deep-seat saddle with a square cut cantle and big knee and calf blocks.

Jump Saddle Made with our famous 'Spring Tree' design which is created to flex and move with your horses back whilst also protecting the wither and the rest of the spine.

The design of the Laurus Junior offers good support and security particularly for children who enter their first jumping competitions. The saddle is made of full grain cow hide. A wedge-shaped panel is already integrated. Only available in seat size 16'.

- Gusset panel
- Front and rear blocks
- 1st billet fixed on point of tree (3 billets each side)
- Panel in matching tone
- Blue saddle cover
- High quality, premium de luxe leather.
- Equipped with our back-friendly “Biomex” technology, which places the rider in the centre of balance without restricting them or placing them against the horse’s movement.
- High-quality, durable textile cotton with a rubber and nylon web handle for comfortable and easy transportation.