PEI AirCooled Original Eventing Boots Back

PEI AirCooled Original Eventing Boots Back

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Air Cooled Original Eventing Boots are our longest and best-selling cross country boots.

Made from a combination of 2520D ballistic nylon and microfiber leather. The strong yet supple microfiber leather covers the important parts of the boot, around the fetlock, straps and strike guard. They incorporate Eva lining, which is water resistant and helps prevent the boots retaining water and becoming heavy on the horse's leg. Excellent protective horse boots for the cross country phase.

As the horse gallops air passes through the front vents, circulates and exits out of the side vents. This process allows a constant stream of cold air to pass through over the tendons, keeping them cool.

Key features:
- Technically advanced three layer fabric system developed to protect, cool and provide comfort
- Microfiber leather and 2520D ballistic nylon outer
- 6 air vents in front boot
- 8 air vents in hind boot
- Cools tendons
- Shaped to contour the leg
- Will not impede the natural action of a horse galloping or jumping
- Light and flexible
- Will not retain water
- Maximum protection
- Secure fit
- P.E. polycarbonate strike guard 
- Both strike guards come with a lifetime guarantee

Sold in pairs