GG - RUG -  Heavy Duty Tear Stop- White/Red/Navy - 6"9'

GG - RUG - Heavy Duty Tear Stop- White/Red/Navy - 6"9'

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This lightweight horse rug combo is made from a strong, tear-stop fabric for durability in and around the paddock or stables.

It is lined with a polyester satin for extra protection on the neck/mane and chest area.

You will also find strong and sturdy chest, neck, and leg straps. Stainless steel hardware and heavily reinforced stitched straps enhance durability. 

The neck rug has a soft fleece binding for additional coat protection.

Key Features
• Tear-stop fabric
• Lined with a polyester satin
• Chest, neck, and leg straps 
• Stainless steel hardware
• Heavily reinforced stitched straps
• Leg straps can be removed if you choose to
• Tail flap provides additional protection
• Contoured and tapered for a great fit
• Attractive check pattern featuring navy and red.