Walkenny Park Vita Plus 5kg

Walkenny Park Vita Plus 5kg

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Coat & Hooves
Feed Utilization
Optimum Health
Nerve support

An Australian pelleted feed additive that has been manufactured with

  • no added preservatives and coatings
  • no added sugars and starches
  • not  highly processed

A Complete pelleted feed additive that has been carefully formulated from herbs that provides the essential vitamins and minerals to provide and maintain ultimate health and general well-being. No additives or preservatives completely natural that may help to produce peak performance.

Vita Plus the complete feed additive that may help with disposition, coat and hooves, digestion, feed utilisation, performance optimum health, immune and nerve support. Vita Plus is a complete feed additive essential to completing your equines natural diet. Just a scoop a day and all the essential vitamins,  and minerals  that may assist in ultimate health, general well-being and a brilliant shinny coat, are now part of their daily feed.

Feeding rates: x 1 daily
Pony 30 grams
Cob 60 grams
Horse 90 grams
Larger / Heavier Horse 120 grams

Measure out the required amount Vita – PLUS, then mix through feed. Only a small amount is required to achieve ultimate results.

Manufactured and distributed by Walkenny Park.